Hanover Health Services, LLC

what we do

Hanover Health Services is a multi-faceted, dynamic and creative consulting entity. Our belief - that the "Power of Imagination" and creativity is core to building anything of great value - the creation of limitless possibilities and high impact solutions. We evolve to adapt our network of talent specifically to provide a unique experience to each client.

We bring energy, perspective, products and solutions to clients big and small in the emerging markets of home and community based care, solutions embedded with technology for both professional and stressed out family caregivers.

Hanover Health Services also provides creativity and passion to products, services and solutions to the health, wellness and healthy living lifestyle markets through direct holdings, joint ventures, idea/concept generation, creative development and high impact events.

At Hanover Health Services, we produce high-impact results.
  • We have the audacity to expect to win.
  • We expect great things – from us and our partners.
  • We love to take on challenges and see them through.
  • Improvisation is second nature to us.
  • We celebrate accomplishment, excellence and creative victories

We shape the future.

  • We work on smart, relevant ideas for future generations.
  • We seize opportunities to grow and improve our business.
  • We recognize that change/growth requires taking risks.
  • We partner with and leverage creative talent from many sources.
  • We have a clear vision for our future . . . and yours.
  • We set competitive standards in target niches.

We provide high impact solutions to our customers.

  • We really listen, so we understand the needs and goals.
  • We are urgent and nimble in responding.
  • We stand by and support them to assure their success.
  • We develop innovative, quality products and services.
  • We are engaged with the consumers – who determines the winner.
  • We are incredibly good at what we do.

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